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Driftwoods Pearl

2013 Real nice Black Driftwood (Drifts Chip/King P-234) bred mare 2in1package

Started 60 days under saddle as a 2 year old by professional trainer and used for general ranch and all around work. Currently riding her till September with light duty since in foal for March 2019 baby. Very gentle no buck/bad habits.  After 9 month layoff due to foaling rode off like she had been ridden daily.  On 1-10 (with 10 being worst) would rate her temperament at a 2-3.

In foal for 2019 to Bay Roan stallion I have.  She had an outstanding bay/blue roan filly this spring. Bred the same way for 2019 foal.  She displayed EXCELLENT mother capabilities with alot of milk for a first foal.

Suggested future activity would be breeding, all around, ranch horse, trail riding, & team penning. She has an good future as a broodmare when looking at her 2018 foal.

Last year

current photo not the muscle tone due to raising foal:

she has a slight toe in stance in the front end.  Standing normal looks good:

picture when she stands showing the toe in stance:

2018 filly:

short video riding mare at Gilliespie county races in the paddock
.  Nothing real fancy and this is with no tuning up.

July 2018 ride