Breeding Contract

Stallion Breeding Contract


This Stallion Breeding Contract for the breeding season of 2014, is made and entered

into on this ____ day of __________ 2014, by and between Virgil Soell herinafter

designated Breeder and _____________________________ herinafter designated Mare Owner. Mare

owners agrees to breed the mares:

____________________________registration number______________


to the stallion BLUES BOXCAR WILLIE AQHA number 4389694  for a fee $650. Booking fee of $200 due before 1st cover and remaining breeding fee ($450) plus mare care due when mare is picked up.


1.Breeder offers a live foal guarantee. If the mare does not settle, produces a foal that is

stillborn or unable to stand and nurse. Breeder is held harmless from all liability and

owner is entitled to a free return breeding the following year plus mare care. Mare Owner may

substitute a different mare.  In the event Mare Owner is unable to substitute mare booking fee of $200 & mare care is non refundable. 


2.The Stallion Owner agrees to diligently try to settle the mare named above and if she

fails to settle, for any reason, mare owner will hold stallion owner blameless.


3.Should stallion die, be sold or become otherwise unfit for breeding purposes prior to

the mare producing live foal, then stallion breeding fees & booking fee ($650) shall be refunded to the mare owner.


4. Release from Liability.  The mare owner agrees to hold the breeder, stallion owner, breeding manager, landowner, their families, agents and employees harmless from any  injury, escape, theft, disability,

or death of any horse on its premises . The mare owner further agrees to look solely to their own insurance for compensation from any loss or injury.  In return the breeder holds the mare owner harmless from any injury or damage created by this contract.


5. Mare care will be $10.00 per day due when mare is picked.  Feed will consist of grain & hay as directed by mare owner.


6. In the event injury or sickness  occurs to Mare Owner’s horse or horses while at breeding facility Breeder agrees to notify Mare Owner for direction how to proceed with care.  All expenses will be charged to Mare Owner in the event Vet services are required.


7. Breeding will consist of live cover.  Mare is required to be halter broke no pasture breeding.  “In heat” or

coming into heat mares only.  Vet check required to insure mare is “in heat” prior to excepting mare for breeding.


8.A photostatic copy of the mare's registration papers shall be sent along with this



9.A breeder's certificate will be issued to Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid

in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal.


10.This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other

agreement or promises, verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated in the

written contract.


______________________________                          ______________________________

Mare Owner's Signature                                                     Breeder’s Signature



Mare Owners Address



Mare Owners Telephone



Virgil Soell,
Dec 24, 2013, 2:35 PM