About Us

Radical Faeries are a longstanding and 

growing movement of queer people 

celebrating diversity.  We are friends and 

neighbors who encompass a broad range of 

ages, interests, body types, ethnic 

backgrounds, occupations, talents and 

fashion sense. 

     Blue Heron is a working farm in upstate NY, it 

is the home of Bryan, Gary, and Tucker and 

have been hosting the event for  30 + years.  

They raise sheep, goats, chickens, and 

produce maple syrup.  The farm consists of 

fields, woods, meadows, and a pond for 

swimming.  There are many places to pitch 

your tent.  Facilities are primitive.  Clothing is 

always optional.  Smoking is allowed in 

designated areas. 

     We generally gather anually the week before 

Labor Day, with mini "gatherettes" in between.

     Also, use of the bunkhouse and kitchen by faerie 

artists outside gathering times is an option. 

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