Note 1: There are no official weather statistics for Mull, the closest Met stations being Dunstaffnage (Oban) and Tiree but putting these together with the Met Office iso-maps, the mean figures can be estimated as:

Daily Maximum Temperature: January 7.5°C, July 17°C (UK average: Jan 6°C, July 19°C )

Hours of sunshine: Jan 35, July 150 (UK average Jan 42, July 173 )

Annual Rainfall: 1250mm, winter maximum (UK average 1126mm)

Days with over 1 mm rainfall: Jan 19.6, July 14.1 (UK average Jan 15.7, July 10.5 )

Driest month May, and the wettest January.


Note 2: The Blacks of Knockan - 5 Generation Pedigree

 Note 3. Useful websites  

Chapter 1: Before Crofting (pre-1814)

Chapter 2: Mull's Triple Whammie (1814 - 1850)

Chapter 3: Ardtun (1850 – 1914)

Chapter 4: Crofting Life

Chapter 5: Educated Non-conformists

Chapter 6: A Second Clearance (1914 onwards)

Chapter 7: Deja Vue all over again


Forgotten Scots