Knockan - the house that Black built

History doesn’t only happen on a world stage. It reverberates through nations and communities right down to families and individuals, becoming embedded in attitudes, philosophies, beliefs and lifestyles of succeeding generations. But these also get embodied in the physical landscape, remaining long after the people have gone. The ‘house that Black built’ is the DNA and fingerprints left on the Ardtun scene by 200 years of world events.

Chapter 1: Before Crofting (pre-1814)

Chapter 2: Mull's Triple Whammie (1814 - 1850)

Chapter 3: Ardtun (1850 – 1914)

Chapter 4: Crofting Life

Chapter 5: Educated Non-conformists

Chapter 6: A Second Clearance (1914 onwards)

Chapter 7: Deja Vue all over again


Forgotten Scots