• Three stars, PA67 6DN, 2 miles from Bunessan, 8 miles from Iona. Sleeps up to 5 comfortably, 6 at a squeeze.

  • What3words address: carting.encloses.workroom (If you click on the "what3words " link it will take you to a map showing exactly where Knockan is.)

  • Our Aim: to provide clean, comfortable, well equipped accommodation with an authentic island atmosphere, in a beautiful setting, at a reasonable price.

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Why do people with no Mull connection come to a place like Knockan?

"Leave aside that it is now extremely comfortable. Leave aside also Iona, Staffa, scenery, sea eagles, golden eagles, puffins, otters, seals, to start an endless list. There is something else. This round-cornered croft cottage, built originally by refugee crofter/weaver John Black during the Highland Clearances, still displays some of its original timbers, mollusc tunnels betraying their origins as driftwood from the shore. A sense of peace, place, history, heritage and wholeness is woven into its fabric. Iona has been described as a ‘thin place where heaven and earth are not far apart’. Many have thought that describes Knockan too." (From 'Knockan - The House That Black Built')

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