Foam Rollers

One of the most common complaints in cycling and one that leads to time off the bike, is low back pain.  While most low back pain can be addressed through proper fit and strengthening exercises (provided after the cycle analysis), additional help may be needed when addressing posture as well as everyday stress due to our work environment, riding posture, and previous athletic endeavors.

While massage, physical therapy, chiropractic work etc. can address these issues, not everyone can afford the time and money involved to utilize these services.  A foam roller can be a simple alternative or supplemental solution to everyday stress and posture deficiencies. Over the years I have found that a 6” x 36” foam roller can address all exercises directed towards cyclists' and triathletes' needs going far beyond just IT band syndrome.  Low back and upper thoracic mobility exercises can be addressed using this size roller.  After going through a cycle analysis, you will receive and email with PDFs of your measurements, recommendations, changes, physical exam, and exercises.   One of the exercise PDFs highlights the use of the foam roller and how it can aid in ROM before rides, runs, and swims, and how it can aid in muscle soreness post activity.  To ensure ease in finding a roller for you and at a cost less than most stores and online, we stock and provide these for your convenience. You will be allowed to try and see if it works for you after a demonstration of its benefits.