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Biosweet Ventures was founded in 2003, with a vision to promote life and health through the goodness of natural products. Sedentary lifestyle & stress has led to an alarming rise in the population of diabetics & obese, compelling people to adapt natural & healthier product for better life.

Our flagship product, Stevia; is the most healthy & natural alternative to sugar & artificial sweeteners. Stevia has zero calories, zero glycemic index & does not affect your blood sugar level, making it completely safe for diabetics & calorie conscious. We found a way to isolate the sweetest parts of the plant and that became the essence of Biosweet. No wonder, our Stevia is the best tasting, highest quality, stevia sweetener available, with no aftertaste or bitterness whatsoever. We have an installed capacity of over 1 MT per day. Our retailable consumer range includes Stevia products in the form of tablets, sachets, liquid & tabletop sweetener. We have implemented stringent standards of quality control at all levels, right from harvesting to production to packaging. Our products confirm to the JECFA’s CAS 58543-16-1 standards laid by WHO / FAO and USFDA GRN 304.

With exports to over 18 countries, we have pioneered the Stevia private label & bulk supply business, with clientele including supermarket chains to pharma companies, 5 star hotels & Spa’s, mass merchandisers to distribution chains, food products & beverage manufacturing companies, etc etc, including national brands of 2 countries to our credit. We have grown in size and stature, due to our unfailing motivation, dedication & fine techniques of production quality as well as pro-active client service. We stand on the edifice of quality & trust. The overwhelming response of our clients has bolstered us to elevate our standard of excellence.

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