Past Events and Lectures

Fall 2013 Events and Lectures

Event Lecture

Group 1 Food, Inc. Documentary + Discussion Professor Elizabeth Vierling

Group 2 Durfee Conservatory Professor Elsbeth Walker

Group 3 The Zoo in Forest Park Professor Caleb Rounds

Group 4 Heath Hatch's Optical Illusions Professor Craig Albertson

Group 5 Orchard Hill Nature Walk Professor Heath Hatch

Group 6 Bare Mountain Hiking Professor Fermann

Group 7 Life Sciences Laboratory Tour Professor Magdelina Bezanilla

Group 8 Orchard Hill Observatory Professor Sue Leschine

Group 9 Bassett Planetarium Professor Abbie Jenson

Group 10 Atkin's Apple Picking Professor Alan Richmond

Spring 2012 Events and Lectures

Event Lecture

Group 1 Blood Drive Professor James Walker

Group 2 Butterfly Museum Professor Margret Riley

Group 3 Orange Drive Professor Walkowicz

Group 4 Herpetology Adventure with Professor Allen Richmond Professor Kate Doyle

Group 5 Observatory Professor Fermann

Group 6 Bee Farm Professor Ben Normark

Group 7 Conservatory Professor Risa Silverman

Group 8 Hiking Professor Heath Hatch

Fall 2011 Events and Lectures

Event Lecture

Group 1 Blood Drive Bateman Scholar

Group 2 New England Aquarium Professor Barry Braun

Group 3 Orange Drive Professor Barcelos

Group 4 Natural Collections, Kate Doyle Professor Alan Richmond: Herpetology

Group 5 Professor Downes Lab Professor Webley

Group 6 Butterfly Event Professor Hang Xiao

Group 7 Durfee Conservatory Professor Coleman

Group 8 Hiking Mt. Toby Bateman Scholar

Fall 2010 Events and Lectures

Group 1 Event: Durfee Conservatory

Group 1 Lecture: Dr. Joseph Kunkel

Group 2 Event: Natural Collections at Morrill

Group 2 Lecture: Dr. Heath Hatch

Group 3 Event: “Spruce Up Morrill”

Group 3 Lecture: Dr. Helene Cousin

Group 4 Event: Morrill Greenhouse Tour

Group 4 Lecture: Dr. Curtice Griffin

Group 5 Event: Morrill Day

Group 5 Lecture: Dr. Alan Richmond

Group 6 Event: Orchard Hill Observatory

Group 6 Lecture: Dr. Rebecca Ready

Group 7 Event: Lab Tour with Dr. Gerald Downes

Group 7 Lecture: Dr. Eric Bittman

Group 8 Event: American Red Cross Blood Drive

Group 8 Lecture: Dr. Jennifer Barlow Coleman

Group 9 Event: Museum of Natural History

Group 9 Lecture: Dr. James Holden

Past Lecturers

Dr. Brian O'Connor – Pre-med/ Pre-Dental Advisor

Dr. Karen O'Connor – Pre-med/ Pre-Dental Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Barlow Coleman – Department of Biology

Dr. Jeff Podos – Department of Biology

Dr. Alan Richmond – Department of Biology

Dr. Joseph Kunkel – Department of Biology

Dr. Eric Bittman – Department of Biology

Dr. Thomas Zoeller – Department of Biology

Graduate Student Rajarash Ehosh – Department of Biology

Kate Doyle – Department of Biology

Dr. James Holden – Department of Microbiology

Dr. Wilmore Webley – Department of Microbiology

Dr. Erica Hamilton – Department of Microbiology

Dr. Doris Goodwin – Department of Microbiology

Dr. Guy Lanza – Department of Microbiology

Dr. Scott Auerbach – Department of Chemistry

Heath Hatch - Department of Physics

Dr. Robert Moll – Department of Computer Science

Dr. John Gerber – Department of Plant, Soil, & Insect Science

Dr. Helene Cousin – Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Dr. Curtice Griffin – Department of Environmental Conservation

Dr. Rebecca Ready – Department of Psychology

Dr. Susan Whitbourne – Department of Psychology

Past Events

Boston Science Museum

Boston Aquarium

Worcester Ecotarium

Worcester Biotech Firm

Worcester Medical School Research Building

Hadley Butterfly Observatory

Amherst Museum of Natural History

Orchard Hill Observatory

Durfee Conservatory

Morrill Research Greenhouses

Natural History Collection at Morrill

Lab Tour with Dr. Gerald Downes

Mike’s Maze

Nature Walk Around Puffer’s Pond

Nature Walk Around Mount Holyoke

Natural History Collection at Morrill

Pumpkin and Apple Picking

Morrill Day Volunteer

Food and Clothing Drive for the Amherst Survival Center

Campus Clean-Up

Sponsored an American Red Cross Blood Drive

Sponsored a Blood Drive by Cooley-Dickinson Hospital