Extra Credit

BioSci realizes that all members of BioSci enter at different levels. Some small groups “hit it off” while others take time to come together and work toward goals. Additionally, participation in BioSci is a process of learning and exploration. As we work together, all of us develop organizational skills, communication skills, and new insight into biological and health related sciences. In an effort to be fair to all, BioSci has deveLoped the following Bonus Point policy.

BioSci members who are taking BioSci as a 1-credit course may choose to participate in the following activities. Members may earn up to an additional 10 bonus points to be added directly onto their final grade point value.

Attend an extra lecture and/or an extra event – 1 point, up to a maximum of 2 pts. (You may attend 2 or less additional lectures, events, or a combination of the two to earn a maximum of 2 additional points).

Take pictures of the events and lectures that you attend – 1 point/5 pictures, up to a maximum of 2 pts. (You may take up to 10 pictures of the event and lectures (no general body meetings) that you attend. Pictures should be captured on a camera and not a cell phone. Pictures of dubious quality or of uninteresting subject matter may not be accepted for credit at the decision of the BioSci Officers. Every five pictures is worth 1 additional point. Pictures should be submitted with appropriate and professionally written captions to one of the BioSci Officers, see the website for contact details). Please e-mail photos to Mohammed (msahar@umass.edu) with your full name and group number.

Sell additional raffle tickets – 1 point/5 additional raffle tickets sold, up to a maximum of 2 pts. (You may request extra raffle tickets from your group leader. You may sell an additional 10 raffle tickets at $1.00 each to earn up to a maximum of 2 additional points to be added to your final point accumulation).

Turn in an additional donation for the raffle – 2 points/additional raffle donation, up to a maximum of 4 points. (You may request additional donation letters from your BioSci group leader. You may turn in up to 2 additional raffle donations, collected from local businesses, to receive a maximum of 4 bonus points to be added to your final point accumulation).

Total Bonus Points Available: 10