Bill's specialty is CLASSIC AMERICAN JAZZ, with a modern touch.

It's all that jazz you love and the jazz of the most important moments of your life. It's the jazz of Tony Bennett, Michael Buble', Dianna Krall, Lady Gaga, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole, Harry Connick, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and many more...

Bill's Jazz has been chosen one of the best by readers of Augusta Magazine six years in a row....

This is not bar or lounge jazz. This is jazz for YOUR places and spaces...your home, your garden, your business or your event space....Bill's jazz can go anywhere. It does not require an electrical outlet.

Bill Karp has received 2 Pfizer COVID vaccinations and a Booster vaccination.

Bill is interested in making live jazz accessible and affordable for your home, social or business settings. The cost of his jazz is reasonable and negotiable. The most cost-effective way of bringing his jazz to you is by tucking Bill, on his stool with his specially-engineered, high-quality backing tracks, into your home, garden, banquet, reception or party. Bill and his music can be tucked anywhere. He does not require an electrical outlet. If you want Bill to bring other musicians with him, he can do that. Bill even has special, quiet background jazz for business networking, restaurants and social occasions..."JAZAK"...

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Rehearsal Dinners

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Corporate/Business quieter "JAZAK"

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It's everyone's jazz!