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The  jazz  of  Tony  Bennett, Michael Buble', Dianna Krall, Lady Gaga, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole,  Harry  Connick, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and many more...

American Jazz is all that great jazz you love.
This jazz has wide appeal; it is inter-generational and inter-cultural.
You may call it "Classic American Jazz;" Millennials call it "Old School Jazz."
It's all that wonderful music for listening, networking, dining or dancing.

       Bill is interested in making high quality jazz accessible and affordable for your home, social or business settings.  The cost of his jazz is reasonable and negotiable.  The most cost-effective way of bringing his music to you is by himself, with specially-engineered, high-quality backing tracks.  Need more?  We have a Duo, Trio, Quintet and even more...much more.
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Homes/Gardens/Event Spaces
Restaurants/Fine Dining
Corporate/Business Jazz
Exhibit Receptions/Business Banquets
Networking Events
Recognition/Appreciation Dinners
Equestrian/Polo Tent Events
Family/School Reunions
From whisper-to-WHATEVER Jazz
In your home, garden or event space
For your business or personal events
...have something else in mind?
Just let us know.

If you desire more musicians:

The American Jazz Combo

Need even more?

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text/voice (762) 233-7205
        Are you planning a fundraising event for an important community-based cause or organization?  I am passionate about supporting public, non-profit FUNDRAISING events in the community.  There's no harm in asking, so just email me and I can check my calendar and see if I can donate my jazz to support your event.

It's everyone's jazz!