Bildad M. Kaggia


This website is designed to inform interested people on the Bildad M. Kaggia Foundation

Bildad M. Kaggia was a freedom fighter and politician who lived in Kenya from 1921-2005. He was one of the famous Kapenguria Six (Jomo Kenyatta, Fred Kubai, Achieng’ Oneko, Kungu Karumba and Paul Ngei) who are generally considered to be the founding fathers of Kenya.

Kaggia believed in equality for all and in social justice. He was convinced that people came first not the leaders and  governments should serve the people, not the leaders which is a sharp contrast with his contemporaries and current leadership practices.

After the death of Kaggia his friend and families started thinking about how to keep the life and spirit of Kaggia alive. they came up with the idea to establish a foundation, the Bildad M. Kaggia foundation, which would champion the ideas and virtues which Kaggia gave his life to.

This website gives information about Kaggia his life and about the foundation that promotes the legacy of Bildad M. Kaggia.