Bikejoring (and Skijoring) Information


What are Bikejoring and Skijoring?

Bikejoring is riding a bike with dogs pulling you.

(Instead of a bike you can also use a dog scooter).

Skijoring is having dogs pull you while wearing cross country skis.

They are similar sports for different seasons.

Why Bikejor or Skijor?

Your dog wants to run and is dragging you around on your walks.

Your dog will be healthier if it is allowed to exercise at its pace (faster than you can run).

Bikejoring and skijoring are an adventure every time you do it.

Experienced & trained dogs are calmer in new situations and you can direct how they move through crowds when walking.

Well exercised dogs are calmer, "a tired dog is a good dog".

If you enjoy biking and skiing, then bikejoring and skijoring are a great way of having an fun and exciting time with your dogs. You won't always go the speed you'd choose, but you will share adventures and learn to work and think as a team.

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Bikejoring and skijoring have risks.

You will likely fall off the bike and have accidents when training and doing bikejoring.

Wear proper safety equipment, especially a helmet. Don't bikejor on busy streets.

Remember, the dogs determine what happens, so train them well.

Skijoring is a lot like bikejoring, except it is easier for the dogs to pull you off balance and there isn't a brake, so I'd suggest having enough snow to cushion your fall.

If you just want speed, stick to cars instead of dogs. If you want a relationship with your dogs and shared adventures, consider bikejoring and skijoring.

If you REALLY have to get somewhere on time, don't bikejor there. You are too likely to have an adventure along the way. Allow lots of time for surprises.

Learn to enjoy cold weather. That is when dogs run best. It is also when you can have the most fun.

These bikejoring and skijoring pages just cover my experiences and opinions.

You may experience something completely different.

Know yourself, know your dogs.

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