MaClear's New Testament History

A Class-Book of New Testament History

NOV 26 1887

Maclear, G. F. 1833-1902

A class-book of New Testament history








1885 [The Right of Translation is reserved.]



The present Volume forms a sequel to the Author's Class-Book of Old Testament History, continuing the Narrative from the point at which it there ends, and carrying it on to the close of St Paul's second imprisonment at Rome.

In its preparation, as in that of the former Volume, the most recent and trustworthy Authorities* have been consulted, notes subjoined, and references to larger "Works added. It is thus hoped that it may prove at once a useful Class-Book and a convenient Companion to the study of the Greek Testament.

* The Edition of the Synopsis Evangelia of Tischendorf referred to is the First Edition, 1854; that of Wieseler's Synopsis of the Four Gospels is the English Translation by Venables, 1864; that of Conybeare and Howson's Life and Travels of St PavZ is the People's Edition, 2 Vols. 1864; that of Dean Stanley's Sinai and Palestine, the 3rd, 1856.


All questions relating to the Canonicity of the several Books of the New Testament have been considered in another Volume of the Cambridge School Class-Books, viz. The Bible in the Church by the Rev. B. F. Westcott.



The connection between the Old and New Testaments.

Part I.

The Jews under the Persians, and the Kings of Egypt.

Chap. I. High Priesthood of Jaddua — Alexander at Jerusalem i — 7

Chap. II. Ptolemy Soter, and Ptolemy Philadelphus 8 — 11

Chap. III. Ptolemy Euergetes and Ptolemy Philopator 12 — 15

Part II.

The Jews under the Kings of Syria.

Chap. I. Antiochus the Great — Seleucus Philopator 16 — 19

Chap. II. Reign of Antiochus Epiphanes 20 — 23

Chap. III. Persecution of the Jews under Epiphanes 23 — 28

Part III.

Rise of the Asmonean Dynasty.

Chap. I. Mattathias and Judas Maccabeus 28 — 32

Chap. II. Battle of Emmaus — Re-dedication of the Temple 32 — 36

Chap. III. Exploits and Death of Judas Maccabeus 3 7 — 4 1

Chap. IV. Jonathan Maccabaeus 42 — 47

Chap. V. Exploits and Death of Jonathan 47 — 51

Chap. VI. Simon Maccabaeus 51 — 57

Chap. VII. John Hyrcanus and Alexander Jannseus 5 7 — 64

Part IV.

Decline of the Asmonean Dynasty; Interference of the Romans, and rise of the Herodian family .

Chap. I. Hyrcanus II. and Aristobulus; Pompeius and Crassus 65 — 72

Chap. II. Antipater and Herod; Julius Caesar and Antonius 72 — 79

Chap. III. Herod, King of Judaea 79 — 85

Chap. IV. Herod, King of Judsea 86 — 92

Chap. V. Herod, King of Judea 93 — 97

Chap. VI. Herod, King of Judaea 97 — 105

Part V.

Retrospect and Reflections.

Chap. I. Dispersion of the Jews — Rise of Synagogues I 06 — 113

Chap. II. The Jewish Sects 113 — 123

Note. The Expectation of the Messiah 1 23 — 1 24


The Gospel History.

Part I.

The Birth and Childhood of Christ.

Chap. I. The Birth of John the Baptist 127 — 133

Chap. II. The Nativity of Christ 133 — 141

Chap. III. The Saviour's Early Life at Nazareth 142 — 152

Part II.

From the beginning of the Ministry of the Baptist to the First Passover.

Chap. I. The Preaching of John — the Baptism of Christ 153 — 158

Chap. II. Call of the First Disciples— The Marriage at Cana 158 — 162

Chap. III. The First Passover, and Cleansing of the Temple 162 — 166

Part III.

From the first Passover to the Election of the Apostles.

Chap. I. Imprisonment of the Baptist — The woman of Samaria 166 — 170

Chap. II. Second visit to Cana and Jerusalem 171 — 174

Chap. III. Miracles at Nazareth and Capernaum 174 — 170

Chap. IV. Call of Matthew— Hostility of the Pharisees 180 — 185

Part IV.

From the Election of the Apostles to the death of John the Baptist.

Chap. I. Call of the Apostles — Sermon on the Mount 185— 191

Chap. II. Teaching in Galilee 191— 199

Chap. III. Miracles at Capernaum — Death of the Baptist 199—205

Part V.

From the Death of John the Baptist to the visit of the Saviour to Jerusalem, at the Feast of Tabernacles.

Chap. I. The Feeding of the Five Thousand, and the Walking on the Lake -205 — 209

Chap. II. The Discourse in the Synagogue of Capernaum 210 — 215

Chap. III. The Four Thousand Fed— The Confession of St Peter 215 — 220

Chap. IV. The Transfiguration — The Lunatic Child 221 — 225

Chap. V. The Coin in the Fish's mouth — Tour through Samaria 225 — 229

Part VI.

From the Feast of Tabernacles to the Triuynphal Entry into Jerusalem.

Chap. I. The Feast of Tabernacles — Hostility of the Sanhedrin 230 — 233

Chap. IT. The opening of the eyes of one born blind 234—238

Chap. III. Mission of the Seventy— Discourses and Miracles 238 — 243

Chap. IV. The Feast of Dedication — Tour in Peraea 243 — 248

Chap. V. Raising of Lazarus 248 — 252

Chap. VI. Resolve of the Sanhedrin — Jesus retires to Ephraim 252 — 258

Part VII.

From the Arrival at Bethany to the Ascension.

Chap. I. The Anointing at Bethany — The Triumphal Entry 259—264

Chap. II. The Second Cleansing of the Temple 264 — 268

Chap. III. The Day of Questions -The Enquiring Greeks 268 — 277

Chap. IV. The Compact of Judas — The Last Supper 277 — 286

Chap, V. The Agony and Betrayal — Peter's Denial 286—292

Chap. VI. The Jewish Trial — Kemorse and Suicide of Judas 293 — 297

Chap. VII. The Trial before Pilate— The Condemnation, 298 — 308

Chap. VIII. The Crucifixion 308 — 316

Chap. IX. The Burial and Resurrection 316 — 325

Chap. X. The Great Forty Days, and the Ascension 3^5—338


The Apostolic History,

Part I.

The Church of Jerusalem.

Chap. I. The Election of Matthias— The Pentecostal Effusion 341 — 348

Chap. II. Activity of the Apostles Peter and John 349—356

Chap. III. Ananias and Sapphira — Renewed Hostility of the Sadducees 356 — 362

Chap. IV. The Institution of Deacons — Activity of Stephen 363 — 371

Part II.

The Church of Palestine.

Chap. I. Dispersion of the Christians — Activity of Philip 372 — 378

Chap. II. The Conversion of St Paul 378—387

Chap, III, St Paul's First Visit to Jerusalem — Peter at Joppa 388 — 396

Chap, IV, The Conversion of Cornelius 396 — 404

Chap. V. Martyrdom of St James — Death of Herod, , , 404 — 409

Part III.

The Church of the Gentiles.

Section I.

First Missionary Tour of Paul and Barnabas.

Chap. I. Cyprus — Perga — The Pisidian Antioch 409 — 4 1 7

Chap. II. Visit to Lystra, Derbe — Disputes at Antioch 417 — 424

Chap. III. The Council at Jerusalem 424 — 431

Section II.

St PauVs Second Missionary Journey.

Chap. I. The Sharp Contest — Tour in Phrygia and Galatia 432 — 439

Chap. II. Paul and Silas at Philippi 440 — 445

Chap. III. Thessalonica, Beroea, Athens 445 — 453

Chap. IY. Arrival and Stay of St Paul at Corinth 453—459

Section III.

St PauVs Third Missionary Journey and Imprisonment at CcEsarea.

Chap. I. Visit to Ephesus 459 — 466

Chap. II. Letter to the Corinthians — Disturbance at Ephesus 466 — 472

Chap. III. Troas — Second Journey to Greece.... 472 — 480

Chap. IV. The Return to Jerusalem — The Tumult in the Temple 480 — 487

Chap. V. The Imprisonment at Caesarea 487 — 493

Chap. VI. Paul before Felix and Festus 494 — 502

Section IV.

St Paul's Imprisonment at Rome.

Chap. I. The Voyage from Caesarea 503 — 509

Chap. II. The Reception at Malta, and Arrival at Rome 509 — 5 14

Chap. Ill, The first Imprisonment at Rome 515 — 5-21

Chap. IV. St Paul's Second Imprisonment and Death 52 1 — 529

Appendix and Chronological Tables 530 — 535

Index 536—550