Current Members

ostdoctoral Researcher

Christopher P. Taylor (2013-)

Chun-Ting Hsu (2015-)


Anya Chakraborty (2012-)
Individual differences in self processing

Alokananda Rudra (2011- )
Characterising diagnostic & screening tools for Autism in India

Anthony Haffey (2010-)
Social and nonsocial reward processing

Holly Bonaiuto^ (2013-)
Social communication in early development

Varun Warrier* (2014-)
Genetics of autism

MSc/ MPhil

Unaiza Iqbal 

Eda Ozturk

Lana Jane Gill

Gemma Lumsdale

Here are flags of the home countries of current and former members of the lab. And a source of colour in this otherwise list-heavy page.

Lab photograph, 2010: Behind the psychology building in the University of Reading campus
Former Members

Postdoctoral Researcher

Janina Neufeld (2012-2014)

Maria Serena Panasiti (2011-2012)


Garret O'Connell (2010 -2014)
Individual differences in empathy and motivation

Thomas Sims (2009-2013)
Reward and empathy

Teresa Tavassoli* (2007-2011)
Sensory perception in autism spectrum conditions

Stefanie Sussenbachers (2009-11)
Genetic interactions in Asperger Syndrome

Michael Lombardo* (2006-2010)
Self processing in autism spectrum conditions


Irene Trilla Gros (Maastricht University) (2013-14)

Nergis Yuksel (2013-14)

Christina Ioannou

Omer Linenberg (2012-13)

Natalie Kkeli^

Laura Murphy
* (2010-11)

Allen Chan
* (2009-10)

Rumana Malik (2009-10)

Nicola Feltham (2009-10)

Visiting Researchers

Virginia Levrini (University of Cambridge, 2013)
Enzo Tomeo (University of Udine, 2011)

Loredana Canzano (Sapienza University of Rome, 2010-) 
Stefania Cannella (Sapienza University of Rome, 2010) 
Shenal Shah (Cardiff University, 2010)
Sydney Levine (Yale University, 2008)
Jorrit de Kieviet (Vrije Universitat Amsterdam, 2008) 
Zania Szlachta (University of Cambridge, 2006-2007) 

Undergraduate researchers

Nicole Allen                      Clare Thorley               Eleanor Hambly        Sharena Thind    
Stephanie Lewis                Rebecca Upson             Laura Bonsor           Carrie Philp
Sarah Loveridge                Lillian Gerber               Annie Murphy          Saba Muneer
James Samuels                
Kirsty Read                  Omer Linenberg       Hannah Brien
Oliver Perkins                  
Charlie Marriott             Ilias Mavropoulos     Lauren Sayers
Natalie Kkeli                     Katie Stockdale             Rosie Smallman       Bethan Roderick
Violetta Mandreka            
Siamac Rezaiezadeh      Sarah Roberts          Eleanor Royle
Kara Dennis                     Charlotte Whiteford      Zahira Gulam           Pete Marshall


^ co-advised with Prof. Lynne Murray, University of Reading
* co-advised with Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen, University of Cambridge