22 June 2011 Meeting Summary

The last BeyondAgile meeting on June 22 continued with an emphasis on the topic of the Agile leadership.

Esther Derby, presented her talk on "Leader-Full Teams” highlighting the importance of self-organizing teams and the practice of leadership. Then, she challenged the audience to build an objet d'art that embodied the characteristics of “Height”, “Stability”, and “Beauty”. For this exercise, we had to form teams and to figure out how to build the piece of art with limited resources and insufficient information about the task.

People had fun being creative. Here’re some photos of the end results.

Then, we all had the opportunity to debrief this experimental exercise. We charted our observations and discussed what worked well, and how this experience might be adapted in support of different objectives of self-organizing teams.

Here are photos of Esther’s notes on the white board.

Also, you will be able to find more material on the topic on Esther’s webpage.