BeyondAgile is the Puget Sound-area user group for people using Agile and Lean practices to improve software and business.

We were formed from the combination and extrapolation of some previous Agile-related user groups: the Seattle XP Users' Group and Seattle Scrum. Mostly, we're people who want to share and learn about the latest ideas for better software development and delivery.

Our Mission

To be the Puget Sound-area Agile users' group that attracts people who use or are interested in using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and other Agile/Lean methods and practices by presenting fun informative programs on compelling topics.

Next BeyondAgile

October 24th 2018

Agile Team Recipes: Going beyond what the cookbook calls for

@ Impact Hub

220 2nd Ave South, Seattle

6:30 - 8:30 p.m - Agenda Details Below



  • 6:30 Food and Social Time (brought to you by Plaster Group)
  • 7:00 Main Program
  • 8:15 Retrospective


Everything we do is unique, even the daily routine and mundane activities. Each activity influenced by the people around us, their past experience, our physical and mental states, and the conditions of our surroundings. Work is no different. In this talk, we’ll be Chefs! We’ll review the fundamental Scrum ingredients to examine how they influence our team dynamics and ask what more should we be doing. The goal will be to build awareness and improve our response to the constant change surrounding us in a group exercise that can be brought back to your teams.

Short bio:

Bjorn Gass has been involved in solution delivery for 13 years in varying roles to delivering web and mobile based applications. Born in the Northwest, Bjorn grew up in the Washington DC area where most of his career he worked as a consultant supporting the Federal Government. He’s served as a Tester, Functional Analyst, Technical Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. He moved back to Washington State with his family about 2 years ago and is grateful to be out of the DC summer heatwaves.

This Meetup is brought to you by Slalom Consulting, and Plaster Group

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