BeyondAgile is the Puget Sound-area user group for people using Agile and Lean practices to improve software and business.

We were formed from the combination and extrapolation of some previous Agile-related user groups: the Seattle XP Users' Group and Seattle Scrum. Mostly, we're people who want to share and learn about the latest ideas for better software development and delivery.

Our Mission

To be the Puget Sound-area Agile users' group that attracts people who use or are interested in using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and other Agile/Lean methods and practices by presenting fun informative programs on compelling topics.

End of Summer Special


September 1st

Networks of High-Performing Teams using Known, Stable Interfaces of Human Interaction

Brought to you by AGLX Consulting with Special Guest Dr. Daniel King-Wai Low

Additional sponsorship from Plaster Group

@ Museum of Flight - South View Lounge

9404 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA

5:00 - 9:00  p.m - Agenda Details Below

RVSP: http://www.meetup.com/BeyondAgile/events/233092952/


The overwhelming majority of aviation accidents, sentinel events in healthcare, cyber security attacks, and software bugs are due to human factors. To trap and reduce the severity of errors, aviation, which Nassim Taleb classifies as being “Antifragile,” discovered that in complex environments where people work in teams with technology, people must learn evidence-based human interaction skills so that they can rapidly build effective teams.

The Agile Community is 20+ years behind aviation when it comes to knowing how to build effective teams. Lean, SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and other Agile scaling methodologies do nothing to address the human factors problems common in complex environments. It is time for the Agile Community to follow the lead of High-Reliability Organizations (i.e. oil and gas, mining, space flight, and healthcare) and adopt the evidence-based teaming lessons from aviation to build high-performing teams and organizations.

During this Meetup we will hear from Dr. Daniel Low on how Seattle Children’s Hospital and other health care organizations have successfully adopted evidenced-based teaming lessons from aviation to address patient safety.

Brian “Ponch” Rivera and Chris “Deuce” Alexander from AGLX Consulting will host and lead the talk on building Networks of High-Performing Teams using Known, Stable Interfaces of Human Interaction.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  1.  “Process frameworks address 20%-50% of organizational problems—Human Factors or Teaming skills address the critical 50% to 80%

  2. Teaming Behaviors can be learned.

  3. Self-Similar cognitive and social skills combined with Agile frameworks are the key to building networks of high-performing teams—the hallmark of Antifragile organizations.

Secondary Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the Principles of High-Performing Teams.

  • Preoccupation with Failure

  • Reluctance to Simplify

  • Sensitivity Operations

  • Commitment to Resilience

  • Deference to Expertise

Introduction to Black Box Thinking

  • Failure is hardwired into aviation

Understand how to apply the idea of KSIs to Human Interactions

  • Quick overview of Complex Adaptive Systems Applied to People.

  • Shared Mental Models

Introduction to The Behaviors of High-Performing Teams

  • Decision Making

  • Assertiveness

  • Task/ Mission Analysis

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Adaptability

  • Situational Awareness


Brian “Ponch” Rivera

Brian “Ponch” Rivera is a recovering naval aviator and co-founder of AGLX Consulting, LLC, a Seattle-based teaming consultancy. Ponch is the co-creator of High-Performance Teaming™–an evidence-based approach to rapidly building and developing high-performing teams. Inspired by John Boyd’s OODA Loop, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and High-Reliability Organizations (HROs), High-Performance Teaming™ is a holistic teaming system that focuses on the cognitive and social skills needed to accelerate human performance in today’s VUCA world.

Chris “Deuce” Alexander

Chris Alexander is a former F-14 Tomcat RIO & instructor, co-founder of AGLX Consulting, High-Performance Teaming coach, Agile coach, Scrum Master, and is passionate about high-performing teams, teamwork, and enabling people to achieve great things. http://www.high-performance-teaming.com/

Special Guest Bio:

Dr. Daniel King-Wai Low, BMedSci, BMBS, MRCPCH, FRCA

Daniel Low, BMedSci, BMBS, MRCPCH, FRCA is an Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology, School of Medicine at the University of Washington. He also works at Seattle Children’s Hospital and in 2011 he was awarded the UW Golden Seed Award for excellence in teaching. Dr. Low attended the University Of Nottingham Medical School, UK and completed his postgraduate training in pediatric medicine/neoatology at the Royal College of Pediatric and Child Health (UK). Dr. Low has also received training in anesthesia and critical care, sub-specializing in pediatric anesthesia. Dr. Low has been involved in medical simulation for over 10 years.

Dr. Dan Low facilitates an interprofessional team training session each month at UW Medical Center’s Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies. Medical students in their anesthesia rotation are teamed with PharmD and senior undergraduate nursing students and run through a one-day crew resource management (CRM) course. Utilizing team communication exercises and simulation scenarios, students practice their medical and teamwork skills in a safe environment with the goals of learning how to work together using knowledge and attitudes cultivated within the framework of CRM.



Museum of Flight, South View Lounge


  • 5:00             Free admission to the Museum of Flight

  • 5:30             South View Lounge Opens

  • 6:30             Food and Social Time

  • 7:00             Main Program

  • 8:25             Retrospective

  • 9:00             Museum of Flight Closes