BeyondAgile is the Puget Sound-area user group for people using Agile and Lean practices to improve software and business.

We were formed from the combination and extrapolation of some previous Agile-related user groups: the Seattle XP Users' Group and Seattle Scrum. Mostly, we're people who want to share and learn about the latest ideas for better software development and delivery.

Our Mission

To be the Puget Sound-area Agile users' group that attracts people who use or are interested in using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and other Agile/Lean methods and practices by presenting fun informative programs on compelling topics.

BeyondAgile & Seattle Scaled Agile Community

November 28th, 2018

Organizing for Agile at Scale - Panel Discussion

@ Zonar 821 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 suite 500

6:15 - 8:30 p.m



  • 6:15 Food and Social Time
  • 6:45 Main Program
  • 8:15 Retrospective


What are the challenges of implementing Agile at scale? Join us to hear how Boeing, Costco Travel, Getty Images, HBO, and Tableau, have organized teams of Agile teams to develop and maintain large-scale applications. Each panelist will provide a brief overview of their situation, and will then answer your burning questions.


Bill May, Costco Travel

Costco Travel provides its members with vacations of the quality and value they expect from the Costco brand. We support all of the technology for the Costco Travel business, including consumer sites, internal call center application, connectivity with travel partners, and other back office tools.

The challenge at Costco has been rapid growth, scaling from 2 teams of 18 to over 15, 7-10 person teams. Our approach to continuous improvement is to identify and prioritize pain points / opportunities, then focus on the most urgent. We look to Scrum, Lean, SAFe, etc. for inspiration as we find an approach that that works with our organization.

Debbie Brey, Boeing

Lean-Agile Transformation Coach – Transforming how Boeing delivers value on corporate-wide business process transformation.

Boeing Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing, 14+ years Lean-Agile experience. Trained, coached, implemented agile in over 50 programs/teams across Boeing. Spreading agile by using SAFe®, IT and physical Product Development. Leader of an internal Scaled Lean-Agile Community of Practice

Mara Krieps, HBO

For over forty years, people have recognized HBO as the place to find the world’s most innovative programming. HBO’s Digital Products group, builds the HBO GO application, which lets cable television subscribers stream programs on TVs, computers or handheld devices, and HBO NOW, the first streaming application for the customers who don’t have a cable subscription.

Mara Krieps is a Director in the Digital Products group. Since 2017 she has built an Agile transformation team that serves 20+ software delivery teams and liaises with other HBO technology and business teams. Prior to HBO Mara spent nearly 14 years as a PM consultant. During that time she worked In all stages of Agile. Influences on HBO’s Agile practice include the Scaled Agile Framework and Scrum.

Brian Parker, Getty Images

Getty Images is the premier licensing destination for photos, videos, vectors, and music, including branding, advertising, content creation, and news reporting. Getty Images content comes from top photographers and artists, major events in sports, entertainment, politics, and the world, and represents over 100 years of collection. Our mission is moving the world with images.

Brian Parker is a Senior Director of Program Management. He’s been with Getty Images for 18 years. He has spent the last 8 years leading product and program teams leveraging Agile at Getty and currently helps support/oversee 1/3 of the 30+ teams across the company. Past influences have included Scrum and Lean Agile, and current influences include Silicon Valley Product Group and the Lean Book Series/Lean Startup.

Kim Castillo, Tableau

Tableau has a profoundly simple mission: Help people see and understand data. Tableau has grown from a small innovation software out of Stanford to the current 140+ development teams. It is a rich social laboratory for an agile transformation with the usual growing pains, legacy code, leadership shifts, and a disruptive philosophy of handing the power to the people.

Kim Castillo is a Development Practices Coach, brought in to support a culture of learning, continuous delivery, and emotional intelligence among teams. She has been doing this by socializing the use of retrospectives, story maps, domain-driven development, and concepts from SAFe such as CoPs and PI planning to “restore sanity” at scale. Kim has spent her career coaching SAFe, Scrum, Lean UX, Lean Startup, and Design Sprints.

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