BeyondAgile is the Puget Sound-area user group for people using Agile and Lean practices to improve software and business.

We were formed from the combination and extrapolation of some previous Agile-related user groups: the Seattle XP Users' Group and Seattle Scrum. Mostly, we're people who want to share and learn about the latest ideas for better software development and delivery.

Our Mission

To be the Puget Sound-area Agile users' group that attracts people who use or are interested in using Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, and other Agile/Lean methods and practices by presenting fun informative programs on compelling topics.

February 2017

The trouble with DevOps and what to do about it

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605 5th Ave S Suite 400

Seattle WA 98104

6:30 - 8:30  p.m - Agenda Details Below

RVSP: https://www.meetup.com/BeyondAgile/events/237328038/


  • 6:30 Food and Social Time (sponsored by Getty Images and Plaster Group)
  • 7:00 Speaker
  • 8:15 Retrospective


There’s no doubt that DevOps is a great supplement to the Agile team’s toolbox given the adoption of the practice. As with Agile, people are basing their careers on DevOps and there has been a proliferation of meetups, blogs, and conferences. It’s safe to say that DevOps is here to stay. Yet fundamental challenges with the model remain; challenges that organizations new to DevOps don’t understand until after they commit.

What is the trouble with DevOps anyway? Can anything be done to solve the new problems DevOps presents? Or are these so-called new problems the same old pre-DevOps problems in disguise?

In this talk we will explore the dynamics of DevOps through several lenses, from strategic and financial, all the way to the engineering experience. Along the way, challenges and potential solutions will be highlighted. We will finally close with some exciting live demos of one proposed solution in a live, production environment.

Presented by

Marius Grigoriu is a software coach, dev manager at Nordstrom, real estate broker, and 🦄. He spent the last 10 years of his software career getting teams to ship high quality software on time, on budget, all while showing teams how to have fun. Marius crafts custom plans for his teams spanning project management techniques, writing clean, readable, and testable code, deployment practices, and ops minimization.

You will frequently find Marius rolling up his sleeves working a software project, probably using Golang. His current project involves squeezing massive performance improvements by utilizing clever algorithms, parallelism, specialized machine instructions, and other tricks.

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