Tilburg University

Lecturer (Docent)

  • Spring 2014-2019,    Life Insurance, Bachelor 3rd year (Tilburg University)
  • Fall 2013-2018,    Econometrics I, Master/Phd (Tilburg University)
  • Fall 2013-2018,   Empirical Research in Business, Master/Phd (Tilburg University)
Instruction Lectures, tutorial supervision
  • Spring 2015,       Statistics I and II (International Business Administration), Bachelor (Tilburg University)
  • Spring 2014,        Statistiek I and Statistiek II, Bachelor (Tilburg University)

Mannheim University

Teaching Assistant for Statistics for Economists and Statistics for Mathematicians (Statistik II, bachelor program)

  • Fall 2012, Statistics for Economists
  • Fall 2011, Statistics for Economists, Statistics for Mathematicians
  • Fall 2009, Statistics for Economists

Bonn University

Teaching Assistant / Tutorial Sessions for Introduction to Statistical Methods (diploma program)

  • Fall 2006, Introduction to Statistical Methods A
  • Fall 2007, Introduction to Statistical Methods B