Inference for Shared-Frailty Survival Models with Left-Truncated Data (2016)
with Gerard van den Berg (
pdf(Econometric Reviews) 


A Unique Bond: Twin Bereavement and Lifespan Associations of Identical and Fraternal Twins
(with Gerard van den Berg) (IZA discussion paper)

Change Point Estimation in Panel Data with Time-Varying Individual Effects
(Otilia Boldea and with Zhuojiong Gan) (working paper version)

Social Interaction Effects in Duration Models
(with Georgios Effraimidis) (pdf)

Frailty survival models in Stata: A performance review with delayed entry data 
(with Gerard van den Berg) (pdf)

Delayed Incorporation of International Agreements in the Southern Common Market
(with Christian Arnold, Gerard van den Berg) (pdf)