Collaborations Sought

Hospitality is the *Fundamental Bedrock* upon which we build up the Healing Pyramid.   All healthcare interaction first begins with providing comfort to the patient and teaching a lifestyle of wellness.   

With each additional layer to the peak, we apply the increasingly necessary specialized medical care that can only be obtained from more educated and trained professionals.  Our objective in living life should be to avoid needing to climb up that pyramid.

Collaborations are sought from those who are interested in building that lifestyle platform of  - comfort, peace, relief and trust - for the healthcare enterprises.

CONTACT INFO:   betherainbow at gmail dot com

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  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Employee Benefit Programs
  • Individual Instruction 


  • Keynote Speaker Corporate Events
  • Guest Lecturer, University, Schools, Churches, Temples
  • TED talks, multimedia 
  • Educational Travel, cruises


  • Medical Education, Science Conferences 
  • Consumer, Spa, Classroom
  • at Hospital, Clinic, Corporate On-Site 
  • Retreats - religious, spiritual
  • Curricula Development for Hospitality Industry