Kitchen Mill

Although I’m a big believer in milling your own wheat, for all the reasons that you probably already know, I’m reviewing this Ktec Kitchen Mill for only one reason. It’s cheaper than just about any other wheat grinder. That, and it’s Made In The USA. Now, those two facts may encourage many of you who are sitting on the fence to pick one up and give it a try.

Nothing wrong with considering price when you make a purchase – I just tend to look at shooting for higher quality if I can. I find that when I spend more money, I actually spend less money in the long run. (Your mileage may vary!)

There are several issues with the Ktec – but they aren’t what you might think. The construction looks flimsy – but the Kitchen Mill is actually made out of ‘Lexan’ – which is a pretty tough … they make football helmets out of this stuff.

No, the issue with the Ktec is that it’s a tad louder than other grain mills, and since the hopper has no cover – will tend to toss out a wheat berry or two, particularly as the level gets low. You can cover the hopper with a piece of paper to stop this, but it’s a design flaw in my opinion.

The list of millable items is pretty much the same as other grain mills – stay away from oily seeds & grains, and you’ll have no problems.

You can mill any of the following:

*Wheat (hard red winter, as well as soft)
*Chick Peas
*Dried Field Corn
*Dried Garbanzo Beans
*Dried Green Beans
*Dried Lentils
*Dried Mung Beans
*Dried Pinto Beans
*Dried Pinto Beans
*Most Legumes
*Oat Groats
*Sorghum (Milo)
*Split Peas

Don’t mill any of the following in the Kitchen Mill, the high oil content will definitely put a damper on your milling:

*Coffee Beans
*Dried Fruits, Dates or Raisins
*Nuts of any kind
*Poppy Seeds
*Sesame Seeds and Spices.
*Sunflower Seeds

Here’s a review from one owner of the Ktec Kitchen Grain Mill:

We bought this mill for three reasons: 1. to mill corn 2. Made in USA 3. good price. It gets a 5 star rating on each. The corn is milled perfectly the first time through on the coarsest of 5 settings to be used in corn bread. The noise level is moderate for an electric mill and not at all high pitched nor did it require ear muffs nor did it make the dog howl. Clean up is easy. Follow the directions for removing the top/motor portion and you’ll not break the fastener tabs on the clear bucket. It is compact for storage. The rubber feet prevent walking on the counter top. We love this grain mill. Two words of advice: if you are looking to crack grains for beer making buy an inexpensive hand powered mill since this electric mill is designed to mill grain to a flour consistency which is not appropriate for beer making. Also, if you want to grind nuts like peanuts for peanut butter buy a hand powered mill that can grind oily things like nuts and can be taken apart for cleaning. This mill can not be taken apart to clean sticky nut residue so DO NOT mill any nuts in it. For making all types of flour (corn, wheat, rice, etc) this mill is a winner!!!!

Review by J. Tarpoff Corp

The technical specs on the L’Equip Nutrimill Home Grain Mill are:

Can mill 1.5 lbs. of wheat per minute.

Can grind 90 lbs. in an hour.

Self cleaning.

6-Year limited warranty. Lifetime warranty on chamber & pan.

Made in the USA

Weight: 8 lbs.

Here’s another excellent review written by an owner of a Ktec Kitchen Mill:

I took my time researching & asking friends about several grain mills before purchasing the Kitchen Mill about 7 months ago. I ultimately chose this one because it was the cheapest. I am pleased with my purchase. It grinds the wheat into flour quickly. I usually grind about 8 cups of wheat berries at a time to make bread & store any leftover flour in the freezer. I use it about once a week.

I have not had problems with the flour dust others have mentioned while the mill is running, so I still have a good seal. My biggest complaint is that it is hard to release the mill from the storage unit once the flour is finished, but maybe I have weak fingers. The only other complaint is the hopper can only hold about 3 cups of grain at a time, so you have to stay around to feed the rest of the grain once it goes down.

A comment about the noise. I have friends who have other mills, the Wondermill (a.k.a. Whisper Mill) & the Nutrimill. The Kitchen Mill is slightly louder then those, but they are all noisy. As are blenders, mixers, food processors… I just warn the family I’m going to use it before I do as not to scare them. :o )>/p>

If I had to do over again, I would still purchase the Kitchen Mill because it does what I need it to & the price was the best for the electric mills.

Review by K. Bennington

If the lower cost of an appliance is a concern for you – or you prefer to purchase things Made In The USA, you’ll certainly be happy with the Kitchen Mill. I’ve personally chosen another brand – but everyone has the right to choose their own wheat grinder, right?