Common Micro-moths of Berkshire - now out of print, sorry!

The Berkshire Moth Group published Common Micro-moths of Berkshire in 2013, and it has been very well-received, but is sadly now sold out.
The book is an extensively illustrated guide to the identification of over 100 the common micro-moths found in Berkshire, pointing out the features needed to safely identify each species. Whilst this guide is based on information from Berkshire, most of the species covered are common across the whole of the south of England and beyond.


Since publication a few small errors have been highlighted - please see the Errata for details of these.

The book includes:
  • Over 400 photographs
  • More than 100 species covered
  • 144 pages, softback
  • Enlarged and actual size photographs of each species
  • Comparisons with over 120 similar species, most of them illustrated
  • Details of local records for similar species
  • Thumbnail index
  • Annotated photographs showing the important features
  • Local distribution maps and flight period graphs for each species
  • Hints and tips on identification techniques
Two example pages are shown below.

Feedback from readers:

    "Congratulation on the quality of your new book. It is just what is needed and I can't wait until next year to use it!" [from MJ]
    "The book is quite superb in every way. The lay-out is 'customer-friendly' thoughtful and easy to use ... the photographs are all excellent, colour reproduction is perfect to my eyes and of course the 'line' guides, taken together with the confusion species, make the book required reading for moth-ers of any experience. Absolutely delightful and informative." [from AW]
    "Fantastic value for £10." [from TN]

Common Micro-moths of Berkshire