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Berkshire moths on iRecord

iRecord is an online recording website, and it is the preferred route for sending in moth records for the county database (but other options are also available!). For those of you who do add records to iRecord, here is some information and summaries of where things have got to.

If you are registered on iRecord and are adding records there, you can join iRecord's "Berkshire Moths Activity" pages. These are group pages within iRecord that help us to keep track of progress, and share the latest records in the county. Any one can see the summaries for each Activity, and more options are available if you join the Activity.

Activity 1: Berkshire Moths
This Activity displays all the moth records for Berkshire that are currently stored on iRecord.

Activity 2: Berkshire Moths - all records for 2016
This Activity displays all the records that have accumulated so far during 2016.

Activity 3: Berkshire Moths - latest records (from last two weeks)
This Activity shows all the records that people have made during the previous two weeks - useful for checking which species are being seen at the moment.

Additional information
Once you have joined one of the activities, you will find them listed on iRecord by going to the "Record" menu and choosing "Activites" - they will be listed under "My Activities".

If you join the main "Berkshire Moths" activity (number 1 in the above list) you will be able to see some additional buttons as well as "Activity summary":

One of these buttons is for "Enter a list of records", and you can use that for entering your moth records if you wish, but you don't have to - your records of moths in Berkshire will be included whichever route you use to enter them, so it's fine to go to the main "Record" menu and choose "Enter a list of records" from there. When adding records, you can specify that you want your records to be linked to the Berkshire Moths local group via the "Record destination" box, but in fact you don't have to do this - the Activity will pick up on any moth records added for the county whether you specify it or not.


You will also see that there is a button that allows you to "Import records from a spreadsheet". If you wish to send records from a spreadsheet in to iRecord PLEASE CONTACT MARTIN HARVEY FIRST! This is so that we can check whether your records are already in the system, and if they are we can work out how best to avoid repeating them. Contact Martin via email or via the "Contact BMG" form.

Berkshire Moths on iRecord - activity summary at 6 October 2015

These are screenshots from iRecord: click on the images to see larger size, or go to the live page on iRecord for the latest summary

Overall summary

Top 20 most-recorded species

Photos and trends