Competitive Prices

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Our preference of payment is in local currency Lekë, however we would except Euro. Our prices are competitive and above all we provide quality service.  Please see Exchange Rates

Check in: at any time    

Check out:  before 11.00

Our prices include Wi-Fi, freezer usage, electricity and a self-cooking facility. 

(please note: do not leave the air conditioning of your camper on, unattended  or lock the dogs inside and the air condition on)

Adult - 1000 Leke 

Child  1 years - 5 years old - free 

Child  6 years - 13 years old -300 Leke 

Child  14 years - 17 years old -500 Leke 

Single  Adult - 1200 Leke  

Just for parking during the winter time, the price is 50 euro per month

per usage - 500 Leke