Albania, Berat City 

Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania, it is situated in the heart of southern Albania. 
Berat is famously known as the city of the 1000 windows.

Since the 1960's it is a museum city meaning it is well preserved and even under communist rule was protected. 
The three districts that are part of "old Berat" are Mangalem, Gorica and Kalaja. 
The view from the castle is spectacular. In the distance you see Tomorr mountains, to your feet the valley with all the beautiful houses. 

A "must do" is walking up to the castle of course. It's location is magnificent, as you have a stunning view and the castle itself is quite alright as well. The best time is sunrise, for sunset the town is in the shade of castle hill. 

Berat Castle (kala) is the only castle in Europe where people still live as they have done in centuries.