Competitions are not compulsory but participation is encouraged to gain confidence in yourself and your Physie, and to foster a sense of Club Spirit. Competitions can be for individual achievement, or a team of 8 girls work together to represent the club.

BJP leotards must be worn in official competitions - these are available for hire from the club or they can be purchased new from Danz Design ( Black team leotards are available through the club.

The competitions available for this year are:


- Sorry for any inconvenience, see below for an idea of when to expect:

Interclubs 2022:

** Friendly competitions between a few local clubs, for individual achievement.**


Champion Girl:

** Major Individual competition - achieving a place at this level means you go on to compete at the National Finals, competing against girls from all over Australia. **

TBA September - 6,8,9,11 & 12 years

TBA September - 5,7,10,13 & 14 years

TBA November - All Seniors (15's - Open seniors)

TBA October - Novice and Intermediate Ladies, Open Under and Over 33's

TBA October- Open Over 43 & 53 Ladies

Repechage Finals - TBA

(For juniors 6-14 years who made a zone final but did not place, a 'second chance' to get the Nationals)

Junior National Finals - TBA

Senior National Finals (Opera House) - TBA

Ladies National Finals - TBA

Team Competitions:

**An exciting competition in which a Team of 8 girls compete for their clubs achievement.**

Junior Teams (5-12 years) - TBA November

13-14 years, 2nd yr Seniors - TBA November

15/1st yr Seniors, Open Seniors - TBA November

Ladies - TBA November

Over 40, O50 & O60 Ladies teams - TBA October

Club Competition:

**End of year competition for just our club members, including our 2-4 year members**

Proposed date - TBA