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 Associate Professor, LISTIC Lab (Annecy le Vieux), France

Image and video processing, analysis and understanding. 

Computer vision and visual perception models

Main activities: 

    • Current activities focus on images and video analysis for high semantic level interpretation (scene & context recognition).
      • Application domains are Multimedia and Earth Observation data products.
    • Classical image analysis techniques are considered and a special focus is dedicated to Deep learning approaches for image classification and semantic segmentation. 
    • Various pre-processing techniques are considered to enhance the analysis tool-chains including human visual system models
  • Bio-inspired image processing based on a real-time human retina and V1 cortex models. Applications are various, from image enhancement (details and motion analysis, High Dynamic Range compression) to higher level image understanding for video classification, etc.


Previous activities: image quality assessment for 2D, HDR and 3D content

    Alexandre BENOIT, Assistant Professor

    Image&video analysis, retina & cortex models, bio-inspired algorithm.

    LISTIC Lab. Annecy le Vieux, FRANCE 

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