"Coffee is most definitely in the production function"

Economics Department
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
2 The Terrace
Wellington 6011, New Zealand
Tel: +(64) 4 471 3957
Email: benjamin[dot]wong[at]rbnz[dot]govt[dot]nz
I am an Economist at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. My general research interests are empirical macro, monetary economics and time series econometrics. I have particular interests in macroeconometric issues such trend/cycle decompositions and the link between oil markets and the macroeconomy.

I am also a research associate at the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) at The Australian National University (ANU) where I am also the co-director of their Model Uncertainty and Macroeconometrics research program. I hold a Ph.D in Economics from The Australian National University (ANU). Many moons ago, The University of Queensland awarded me a Bachelor of Economics (Honours).

"Economists were created to make weather forecasters look good"