A list of competitions organised by the club is given below. More details will be published closer to the dates:
The Roll of Honour for the Club's Open Doubles Competition is lower down this page.
Club Competitions   (Closed)
Belper Meadows Bowls Club holds several internal Club Competitions each year just for Members.

With the exception the Senior Citizens' Cup, which is by mutual arrangement, t
hey are all Sunday events, usually commencing at 11 am, with the exception of the Charity day and Bowls Drive, which start at 1.30pm.

Those taking part in the competition provide food for a special shared buffet lunch.

Dates for 2018
 Singles Merit
 Horace White Pairs
 Fred Bott Doubles
 Charity Day
SundayAugust26 Tony Platts Rose Bowl
 Quila Trophy
SundaySeptember30 Bowls Drive
   June   to   September
 Senior Citizens' Cup

Competition Results 2017

 Competition Winner(s) Runner(s)-up
 Singles Merit
 Alan Ward
 Martin Stone-Payne
 Horace White Pairs
 Janet Fletcher
 Terry Fletcher
 Irene Silkstone
 Steve Silkstone
 Fred Bott Doubles
 Terry Fletcher
 Gerry Adair
 Colin Whitworth
 Ben Stone-Payne
 Tony Platts Rose Bowl
 Pam Laven
 Alan Ward
 Val Allwood
 Richard Bland
 Quila Trophy Terry Fletcher Neil Ratcliffe
 Senior Citizens' Cup
 John Hopkinson Janet Fletcher

Spring Bank Holiday Open Doubles 2018

The 2018 Bank Holiday Open Doubles Competition took place Monday 28th May, in warm, dry weather, a complete contrast to the very wet conditions in 2017, which had lead to the abandonment of the competition at the quarter-final stage.
The Bowls Club Room in the new pavilion had been made available to provide a base for running the competition, even though work was yet to be completed,
The full compliment of competitors was present, representing a spread from Burton to Chesterfield. Some previous winners were first round casualties, and as is often the case, the competition was lit up by excellent bowling from less expected quarters.
In the semi-finals, Alan Bingham & Keith Needham defeated Ami & Martin Stone-Payne, while Ian Eaton & David Allsop defeated Gayle & Colin Riley.
Ian & David then won the final, on what was, by then, a very fast green.

Spring Bank Holiday Open Doubles 2017

The 2017 Open Competition created a new 'first': rain stopped play. Of course it was not strictly speaking the rain itself, but the standing water resulting from consistent heavy rain which had accumulated in considerable quantities. During a delay the rain slackened, and the work of many hand resulted in most of the standing water being removed. At the time there were 3 second round matches approaching completion, so the initial plan was to finish those and make a decision afterwards, at the Quarter-Final stage. However the heavy rain started again within minutes, so the green rapidly became unplayable, and, in consultation with those still in the competition, it was decided to abandon the competition, with the remaining competitors sharing the prizes between.