League Tables

Click on the links below to be taken to the League Table as currently displayed on the various Association websites.
At the time of writing some are not accessible so the hyperlinks are blind or are to old ones. They will eventually be replaced by llinks to 2019 tables.

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Click on the Team name:

 Belper Ladies               Div. 1   in 2019
 S. Derbys. Ladies               Div. 2
 S. D. Senior Ladies
               Div. 1
 S. Derbys. Men's               Div. 3
 S. Derbys. Vets               Div. 1
 Over 55s 'A'               Div. 1
 Over 55s 'B'
               Div. 4    
 Wednesday Doubles 'A'
               Div. 1  
 Wednesday Doubles 'B'               Div. 3
 Saturday Singles 'A'               Div. 2  
 Saturday Singles 'B'               Div. 4

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