The Others

The Other Canberra Hashes

The original Canberra hash - legends in their own minds
Canberra Hash
 - runs Mondays at 6 pm except in the winter when they very sensibly run at 10 am on Sunday mornings.

Contact: Late4Breakfast [Mick Farrelly] (02) 62317584(h)  (02) 62778862(w)  or Haemmoroyd  [Roy Frylink] (02) 62310834

Fat Cat?  More Pussy !
Capital Hash (The Fat Cat Hash) - runs on Mondays at 6 pm year round;

Contact Capital telephone hot-line (02) 6253 3599 or  email:

Wacky Woozers

WACT Hash (Wednesday ACT) - runs on Wednesdays at 6.10 pm.

Contact DonkeyDick [Dick Hewitt] (02) 62945838 (h), 0413-985001 (mob)

Shit happens !!
Full Moon Hash (The Shit Happens Hash) - runs every month at 8pm on an evening on or near to the full moon.  

Contact Chocky Soldier [Ken Davis] (02) 62299603 wk, (02) 62583806 hm

Yass Hash  
A 'laid back' mixed hash that runs every 3rd and 5th Friday of a month.

Contact Dominatrix [Suzie Reeks] 0402843939 

Struggle out of town

Queanbeyan Hash 
(Struggletown Hash) - runs on the last Thursday of each month from the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club at 4.30pm.

Contact Prickless [Keith Thorne] (02) 62329757(h),  (02) 62974811(w)

Secret womens' business

Canberra Harriettes (CHAOS) - All girl hash that runs on the first Thursday of each month at 6.15pm.  Male & female visitors most welcome.

Contact MsCheeky [Patsy Morgan] on (02) 6255 9138(H) or (02) 6289 5509(W)
or EasyCumEasyGo [Christine Hill] on (02) 6299 8329(H)