May 2020

Our website had been deleted from it's server, but it is back up and running on Google Sites. You can Google Beggs Rural Fire and it will point you to the home page. The look is slightly different, but it functions the same.

May 2014

If you live in the Beggs Rural Fire Association district within 5 miles of either station and have a hydrant within 1000' of your home or business, your ISO rating has decreased to a 5. Your insurance company should be notified to determine any savings for which you qualify.

March 25, 1013

Many households in the Beggs Rural Fire district have recently received a post card in the mail as a reminder that subscriptions were due as of March 1 of this year. Subscriptions run from March 1 until the last day of February the following year. The subscriptions paid to Beggs Rural Fire Association are used to pay for fuel, insurance and the equipment used to fight fires in the Beggs area.

Beggs Rural Fire Association is a not-for-profit organization, so any money donated can be used in most cases as a tax deduction. Firefighting personnel responding to fires for Beggs Rural are not paid. They are volunteers, so any donations made are used for items previously listed. If you live within the Beggs Rural Fire district, and NOT within the Beggs city limits, your subscription is due by March 1.

Your insurance company may require proof of your fire subscription payment for you to receive coverage. It will also help your rate to know that Beggs Rural's coverage area has an ISO rating of 9 and the City of Beggs is rated at 8. Most rural areas are typically rated at 10. If Beggs Rural responds to an accidental fire at your property, non-subscribers could be charged $250.00 per truck per hour that they are on scene.

Thank you for the support of your local fire service and all of its members, it means alot!