Photos taken by Beggs Rural firefighters.

Smoke column south of Highway 16, west of Beggs.

Sizing up another fire

Sizing up another fire on the way to it.

Backburning along dozer line.

Backburning along road to make sure the fire stays contained.

Backburning along dozer line.

Backburning along dozer line cut into the brush.

Backburn almost complete.

Backburn almost complete with very little fire left.

Waiting for the fire.

Waiting for the fire to come out of the woods

(escape route already planned and easily accessible).

Waiting for the fire.

Fire is still on it's way (no pictures of it when it came out, we were busy).

Recent Beggs area fire.

Fire in Beggs area day before the Mannford fires started.

Notice how green everything appears (it was 115 degrees when

this picture was taken).

Beggs area fire.

Another photo of green tree leaves burning in August, 2012.

More green plants burning

One more photo of the green underbrush burning.

Cleanup after an accident.

Cleanup after an accident on US Highway 75.

Semi at Callidus

Semi lost control and hit the building at Callidus,

west of Beggs on Highway 16.

National Guard helicopter

The National Guard helicopter was called out for the

fire that occurred in the spring of 2012 north and

northeast of Winchester and south of Liberty.

On the way to Mannford

On the way to help at Mannford in August, 2012.

Several Beggs firefighters and the Beggs dozer

spent time fighting the Mannford fire.