Andy D Kemp 
Artist Designer Photographer Author
Living and working in rural France
please email Andy - andy.beauxreflets@aliceadsl.fr
For example
The branding life cycle for Go Giggle will ultimately depend upon the product type it eventually ends up being.
And it goes without saying, that in many of our designs, there is an ability for inherent artwork updates to ensure that your product remains constantly at the cutting edge.
To obtain legal permissions for commercial use, or to commission a new creation, please do not hesitate to email me.

Whimsical Will

As early as he can remember, light and art have been a fascination, passion, and driving force through creative drawing and graphic design. Although for much of his career Andy concentrated on designing and creating things in three dimension, from simple Objets d'Art, to huge chandeliers (up to six metre in diameter), and an array of sculpture in wood, stone and metals.
Notable commissions include:
Chandeliers at Greenwich University, Avery Hill Library (commissioned through Trevor Dannett & Partners)
The entrance chandelier to the Langtree, London (commissioned through Stuart Interiors)
Design and manufacture of over three hundred and fifty lighting products for
RS Robertson, Montrose, Denman's plc. London
Furniture and lighting goods for
Chelsom Lighting.
A vast array of products for retail outlets including;
Renwick & Clarke, London.
The Conran Shop, Michelin House Store, London.
Christian DeFalbe, London.
Along with architectural details and features for numerous private clients, manufactured in Steel Lime Stone Wood and Resin.
Very much a hands on designer, Andy also worked on a variety of projects with Webb&Kempf ltd.,Global Village; Kevin McCloud, Christian DeFable, Milletts, English Hurdle, and other interior designers and architects.
Now, coming to terms with the effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Destructive Pulse Syndrome an aspect in Secondary Parkinson's (in the inability to accurately coordinate controlled hand and finger movements over sustained periods) while still designing, Andy's creative spirit is emerging in various other Arts; in particular through the lens. Where the often clumsy jolts upon the shutter release button produces some truly amazing shots.
Reknown for his creative skill and originality Andy continues to design a broad range of products, logos and promotional material, working freelance on short contracts, behind the scenes, and on a consultation basis for various clients developing new, rebranding goods or updating their corporate image.
Andy also produces a variety of digital artworks, writes poetry, short stories and creates the occasional cartoon character like Whimsical Will and friends.










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Revamp of an earlier conception originated in the 80's