We trust you enjoy browsing through the photography and works by Andy D Kemp, and return from time to time to view the new editions.

From the hairs of the gorse flower, to painted pictures flowing from a well written book, a piece of music, or a canvas adorning a gallery wall; Life is simply a treasure store for all to explore.

Like the swollen spring river running into summer time brook. The rush, becomes the babble of a trout stream meandering through wooded glade, or a quiet semi wild garden, rolling to a sandy shore with rock pools lit by pure sunshine; Pockets of delight in the clamour for a peaceful heaven, away from the rigours and stress of modern day living.

May the Arts be pauses of colour worth every breath along our paths, gifts of love to share.

A Tachinid fly in the morning dew, enjoying the first shafts of warm sunhine.

Siren No 440 739 415