Battery Use while Camping

I enjoy camping, however I usually use my minivan as a base camp.  

I have a rule about using the vehicle battery while camping.  I do not use it.  I do not want to accidentally drain the van battery and have an issue starting it.  
I am an avid user of a laptop, cell phone, kindle, and Ipod Touch, I like the small electronic toys.
I use a Jump Box as my main power base.  A jump box is a fairly new tool that is basically a battery with a built in charger. Here is an article with more information about Jump Boxes..

I use my jump box with an inverter to recharge my laptop, cell phone, Kindle, and my Ipod touch. I love electronic gadgets.

Laptop Battery Power Options
I use my laptop a lot.  The Wifi at most public libraries is available 24 hours a day from the parking lot.  I am an avid writer and I do almost all of it on my laptop.  My laptop will run 6 to 8 hours on a single charge.  I use my jump box to recharge my laptop while traveling.  As a test I used my big (Costco) jump box to recharge my laptop three times without recharging the jump box and it still had over 12.5 volts.  At max charge my Costco Jump Box has 13.5 volts.

Battery Lighting while Camping

I have been an avid collector of battery lights.  I have eliminated all incandescent battery lights from my collection.  All of my battery lights are LED.  They put out way more light compared to the battery power they burn.   I have LED flashlights that double as lanterns.  I have basic little flashlights, I have book reading lights and I have magnetic/hanging LED work lights.  I like to be able to see in the evening.

One of the handiest lights to have around camping are the Visor lights and the headlights.  The Visor lights clip onto the visor of your baseball hat and do a great job of giving you enough light for walking around.  The headlights do the same without having to wear a hat.