Club Overview

Bathurst Pan Dragons had their first time on water in January 2011 with a ‘Come and Try’ Day to recruit new members. Dragon boats NSW generously gave some time to help coach people in the boat and help with the day. The club was formed after discussions with the local Bathurst Regional Council in October 2010 to include more boating activities at the dam than just fishing, water skiing & motor boats. Our boat is quite long and fits 20 paddlers, coach/drummer at the front and sweep at the rear to steer the boat (22 in total).

The club continues to grow steadily with new and casual members. In the club's short history we have managed to raise funds to buy their own boat and a trailer to get the boat in and out of the water and built a shed. The club travels several times throughout the year to take part in regattas against other clubs from around NSW.  Recently we ventured overseas to our first international Regatta in Wellington, NZ joining with Broadwater Dragons from the Gold Coast where we secured a Silver Medal in the mixed masters class.

The club logo

The club's logo has an orange circle symbolising a gold panning dish and the dragon's body and tail shape mirror the Mount Panorama racing track. The ‘Pan’ in Pan Dragons relates to the iconic Mount Panorama car racing track at Bathurst and also the history of gold panning in the Bathurst region.

Paddles up!