Dust collection

I finally built something to help out with all the sawdust I make in the garage.  I found this cool thing called the Dust Deputy.  Then I found a local shop that actually sells them!  Yay, instant gratification guy!  Picked one up and decided to attach it to a metal trash can from Home Depot.  The can lasted about 30 seconds before it collapsed from the vacuum.  So, I went back and picked up a couple of the orange buckets, which match all my orange tools.  Win win!  Then I needed some way to keep the thing from falling over, it just so happened that a Shop Notes Magazine came out about two weeks after I got it that had just the thing I needed!  So I built a dolly that holds both the Dust Deputy and my shop vac, which I painted as close to Rigid orange as I could.  I've filled that bucket a couple times now, and the vac has only gotten maybe a cup of dust in it.  I'm very impressed with the system.

Action Shot!