Atrix Ballistic HC case review

Just received the Ballistic HC case for my Motorola Atrix.  

The Otterbox Defender case I had wasn't fitting correctly around the USB ,mini-hdmi port, and was loose around the fingerprint reader, which caused misreads.  

The HC case is plastic around the fingerprint reader, so I don't think that will ever be a problem again.  

It has an integrated screen protector, like the Defender, but also has micro mesh screens over the front and back speakers, as well as the front and back microphone ports.  

The case can be used with or without the outer silicone bumper installed.  The inner case has a slightly flexible rubber coating around the outside.  
There is also a spongy cushioning material on the inside holding the phone away from the case itself.  Maybe a millimeter or two of space. 
I actually had a hard time opening the case to put my phone inside.  The clips that hold the two pieces together are pretty strong, I found pulling the front off from the bottom lip the easiest way to open it up. 
If you look at the outer bumper case there are tabs that slot into the front of the inner case at all the bumper points.  This seems to hold it on pretty well, the only loose part I see is on the front bottom.  

For some reason there's a "window" on the bottom, which makes for a sliver of loose silicone going across the bottom front.  
The case will fit in the holster without the outer bumper installed, but it's a little loose, and rattles a bit.  

The clip doesn't form a kickstand, so I'm sure some folks will be disappointed with that, though I'm not.  I broke my clip about three days ago getting out of a friends car.  The case snagged on the bucket seat and snapped one of the hinge points on the clip.  The case is huge.  People always commented about the size of the Defender case.  Without the outer bumper case the HC case is the same size as the Defender.  

With the bumper installed, we get an extra eighth inch.