Recognition by British Lung Foundation.

The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity looking after the nation's lungs.

Recognising aspiration of reflux can cause lung damage, BLF will be providing a link to our group for anyone with reflux problems.

If you have breathing problems, that may or may not be due to reflux, visit BLF website here or see your GP.

Essex hospitals agree to hand out our leaflets.

Newly diagnosed with Barrett’s Oesophagus?

Most people haven’t heard of Barrett’s before they’re diagnosed but it’s nothing to be frightened of.

Your stomach is lined with cells to protect against the strong acid it contains but your oesophagus isn’t. You will have refluxed some of that acid into your oesophagus (which you may have felt as heartburn) and your body has responded to protect you by placing a similar lining there. It is a permanent addition to help protect you.

Unfortunately there is a very slight chance it could mutate towards cancer. Although it most probably won’t happen, you may be required to take special acid suppressant medication which may reduce the risk of that happening and undergo surveillance endoscopy every few years to check no such changes have started. If changes are ever seen, you will be offered treatment to minimise the risk of cancer developing.

For more information, visit or contact you local patient support group,

Barrett’s Essex:

    Email:       Phone: 07974 188480

            affiliated to Barrett’s Wessex charity no. 1148727

Discussion evening

At a drop-in discussion evening on 29th November 2017, we looked at the pros and cons of PPI medication versus anti-reflux surgery.

Sue has recently had the surgery.

Public meeting in Chelmsford in September 2017

"Really Informative." "I learned so much." "Good to discuss issues."

Upper GI surgeons, Priyantha Siriwadana and Cheuk Bong Tang from Broomfield hospital talked about Barrett's and it's treatment and Chris Robinson (chairman of Barrett's Wessex and author of Down With Acid) talked about the charity and role of support groups. The meeting concluded with a question and answer session.


In The Moulsham Times September 2017 (page 30)

Getting the message out there

Basildon hospital has set up an information stand and nurses have been speaking to patients, visitors and staff at the hospital to raise awareness.

(Picture thanks to Braintree and Witham Times)