Resource Management

Resource management is all about access and the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is the way that users access resources. It is vital that libraries maintain high levels of consistency in cataloguing to enable the easiest possible access for users. Consistent cataloguing coupled with clear labelling and signage will ensure that users are can be independent and have their needs met and that resources are well used.

At The Alice Smith School we have developed a Library Policy Document that we intend to use as a starting point for our Library Procedures Manual. These documents will assist us to be consistent across the campuses and enable easy access for users.

Efficient resource management also has an impact on budgets by reducing the instances of holding unwanted and un-needed copies. 

By managing library, classroom and reading scheme collections the librarian can assist with curriculum mapping as they are in a position to have an overview of planning across year levels.

Collection development is the part of my job that gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. It is exciting to attempt to balance all users needs and desires, to make sure that no one subject area or genre is championed over another and that the collection is broad and varied. As well as keeping up to date with professional reading it is important to consult with stakeholders because it is not possible for a librarian to anticipate everyone's needs.

Special Collections

I have been fortunate to work in schools where the children appreciate the library and the resources, because of this I have been able to have collections that many school librarians may not consider.

As well as audiobooks and DVDs for lending I have also been able to develop collections of pop-up books and "special" books. These books are often hooks into books that reluctant readers appreciate.

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