Libraries must be flexible spaces that the school community is encouraged to use for a variety of events. I believe that every person that walks through the library door is a potential user. With this in mind, I attempt to have visiting author events take place in the library if possible.

During the whole school activity week the teacher-librarian is involved in many events around the school and supporting the week through provision of resources both online and hard copy and through events in the library spaces.


In 2012, The Alice Smith School Activity week  focussed around a single book.

Sydney of the Antarctic by Coral Tulloch. This book and its author were familiar to me and in consultation with the Activity Week Team we thought that it was ideal to use from Pre-School through to Year 6.

I contacted Coral and received permission to digitise the book to use during the week. This ensured that every student had access for the week.

The week began with a whole school simultaneous story reading of the book. 
Every child had a year group introductory session with Coral in the library and throughout the week Coral held individual class workshops. The week ended with a whole school assembly where students of all ages showcased their achievements and the fun that they had. 

Author Visits


KLLN Novel Knockout

I have been involved in competitions of this type for many years. Quite often they are boring and so Rob (KLASS Head of Libraries) came up with some ideas to liven things up a bit. The competition was held at the KLASS primary campus and 26 teams competed i a high speed pub-quiz style competition that included questions on ipads, bonus points for speed and up-to-date titles. For more information about the past competitions and the 2014 competition visit the KLASS LibGuide


Librarian's Knowledge Sharing

In 2012 The Alice Smith School hosted a two day conference for librarians in the South East Asian region. Rob, Head of Libraries and I organised 8 PD sessions, transport, website and social events for 32 guests. This event was extremely successful and we are assisting Karli Downey from Brunei to organise the event in 2014

Letter of invitation