Who Are We ?

We are a group of ordinary people who, through believing in his Son Jesus Christ, have come to know the extraordinary God of the universe. We want to share the good news of life in his name.

We gather every Sunday at 10:30am in the centre of Bellshill and would love to see you there.

Exploring Church or Christianity?

Whether or not you have had experience in a church, you may want to explore what Christianity is all about. Sometimes Christians and Churches can show well what Christianity is about, other times not so much (we are all imperfect). We find the best picture of what Christianity is all about is to look at the Christ himself - Jesus of Nazareth. We would encourage you to read for yourself, perhaps starting with one of the Gospels, who Jesus was and what he came to do. If you have never read the Bible as an adult, we would be glad to join you in a casual setting and begin to read with you.

A helpful resource and way to do this kind of joint exploration of the Bible is The Word One to One.

We have also found many helpful introductions to what Christianity is all about.

Click the image below to see one such resource.

Get a flavour of the Bible through the teaching

We believe that one of the best ways to understand the Bible is to regularly teach systematically through books the Bible. Sometimes there will be thematic teaching, focusing on a particular topic of theology or practice, but the regular pattern will usually always be working our way through some book of the Bible.

You can click the image below to access the catalogue of teaching.