Bappaditya Mandal

   Lecturer in Computer Science,
   School of Computing and Mathematics,
   Faculty of Natural Sciences,
   Keele University,
   Colin Reeves Building Room: CR36,
   Staffordshire ST5 5BG, United Kingdom,
   Tel: +44 (0)1782-7-33076, Fax: +44-1782-734268.
   Email1: b.mandal AT keele.ac.uk
   Email2: bappadityamandal AT gmail.com



Research Interests:
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine learning
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image and Signal Analysis

Awards & Recognition:


Research Projects:

  • Current Projects:
    • MONICA
    • Face Analysis
    • Charaterization of Social Interactions
    • Egocentric Human Activity Recognition
    • Non-intrusive Driver Fatigue Detection & Estimation
    • Person Re-identification Using Wearable Devices
  • Past Projects

Research Groups: 

Professional Activities:
Software & Collaborators:

  • Short Bio
  • Hobbies: Stamp Collection (>800 stamps from >130 countries), Swimming, Gym, Tennis, Basket Ball, Jogging. 
  • Favorite Books: Agatha Christie.




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