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DS Eggonicer v1.3

The DS Eggonicer is a high tech egg handler and creature population monitor.

It can handle Norn, Ettin & Grendel Eggs.
It works by teleporting any eggs it finds to the Eggonicer Cryovat and freezing them.
By doing this it keeps all the eggs in the world frozen and in one place.

It then checks each of the Norn, Ettin & Grendel populations against user set values.
Thawing & teleporting an egg one at a time when needed to the their corresponding Eggceptor ready to hatch.

As a bonus this will allow you to keep in check over population of any of the three types of creature, especially those bored Ettins that pass the time by ermm, Kiss Popping.


 Compatibility: DS, DS+C3 

Download Ds Eggonicer v1.3

 DS= Docking Station.     DS+C3= Docking Station Docked With Creatures 3.     C3= Creatures 3.

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