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Interrelations between electrodynamics and gravitation

Occam's razor vs. magnetic field

Computer simulation of text understanding:










Consensus method in data processing: 







Physical interpretation of general relativity





M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics (honors diploma), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (FizTech), USSR, 1969.


Postgraduate student at the same institute (first thesis), 1969-1972.


Ph. D. in Mathematical Cybernetics (second thesis), Glushkov Cybernetics Institute of the UkrSSR Academy of Sciences, Kiev, 1984.




Weber's force law has many remarkable properties. In particular, intractable (insoluble) paradoxes of electrodynamics can be solved using it as a basis. Nevertheless, Helmholtz and Maxwell doubted that Weber's force formula guarantees the energy conservation. In this article we have made a correction to the Weber potential; the correction is based on Gerber’s physical model for the gravitational interaction of moving bodies. As a result, all doubts about the validity of Weber's theory are dispelled .

One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.

                                     William Occam ~1300

Understanding of word arithmetic problems with extraneous information was chosen for computer simulation because only basic skills are needed for such understanding. In order to determine whether the computer understands those problems, it must solve them. The solution correctness serves the estimation of the understanding.

     The goal was achieved; the routine ROBUST successfully solves entangled text problems and detects redundant information. This lets to observe all actions which are needed to understand the problem text.


I developed a method for erroneous data detection. The method was implemented in a computer program Consensus5. This routine can be applied in the variety of fields, e.g. for processing of experimental data in physics, chemistry, and biology; for the treatment of expert estimations, for detection of defective devices and so on. The method also provides felicitous graphical presentation. The linked paper contains examples of applications.


I developed a clear physical interpretation for the basic evidences of general relativity. Instead of curved space it is suggested to consider structural properties of a particle and with their help to explain the behavior of the latter. The basic evidences of general relativity can be derived by means of simple models conceivable for undergraduate students.

Career Recent History 

  • Emeritus 2012 - present
  • Lecturer of Data Processing and Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University, 1993 - 2012
  • Associated Professor of Numerical Methods and Computer Science, Chernigov Teachers Training Institute, Chernigov, Ukraine, 1985 – 1991.

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