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Dr. Yefim Bakman,  Tel Aviv


1964 - 1969

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

M. Sc. honors diploma (General and Applied Physics)

1984 - 1985

Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics: Kiev, 

Ph. D. in Mathematical Cybernetics 

A new paradigm of physics was first published in 2020. Following this, a series of publications and two videos with animated illustrations were released to further develop and explain the ideas of this paradigm. With this new paradigm, many unsolved problems have been resolved, including issues regarding dark matter and dark energy, wave–particle duality, the physical basis of Planck's formula, the origin of the electric charge, positrons, and microcurrents. This article presents a complete list of 22 problematic issues that have been resolved through the new paradigm. 

In modern physics, a very important element is missing. We call this element unorganized mass or virtual mass. Without virtual mass, it is impossible to explain the phenomena of dark matter and dark energy. By considering virtual mass, we can clarify the physical mechanism of gravity and resolve the problem of dark matter/energy as a type of non-static gravity.

 Knowing the direct cause of gravity allows for its elimination. According to our paradigm, it is necessary to generate an increased density of virtual mass above an object in order for that object to fly or move upward. 

On the whole, the search for quantum gravity becomes needless.

 We are faced with photons and gravity every second, yet the physical mechanism responsible for the two phenomena is not completely understood. Neither relativity theory nor quantum theory provides an answer to the question “What makes a photon move?” Obviously, a paradigm shift is needed in order to answer. 

We have conducted the study. Investigation of the structure of the photon helped to reveal many secrets of nature, such as mysterious dark energy and dark matter, the physical meaning of gravity, and others.

 Max Jammer wrote “It is objectionable that the mass of a particle decreases or increases for no physical reasons, merely by being observed from different perspectives.” 

We have identified the physical reason. This is a phenomenon analogous to the light aberration: when an electron moves parallel to the plates of a capacitor, it experiences the electrical force whose direction is not strictly perpendicular to the electron velocity. Together with the invariant mass of the electron, this effect leaves equations of the electron motion in the mass-velocity experiments unchanged. 

 Weber's force law has many remarkable properties. In particular, intractable (insoluble) paradoxes of electrodynamics can be solved using it as a basis. Nevertheless, Helmholtz and Maxwell doubted that Weber's force formula guarantees the energy conservation. In this article we have made a correction to the Weber potential; the correction is based on Gerber’s physical model for the gravitational interaction of moving bodies. As a result, all doubts about the validity of Weber's theory are dispelled .

I developed a clear physical interpretation for the basic evidences of general relativity. Instead of curved space it is suggested to consider structural properties of a particle and with their help to explain the behavior of the latter. The basic evidences of general relativity can be derived by means of simple models conceivable for undergraduate students.

One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.

                                   William Occam ~1300

Dependence of the weight of a permanent magnet on its orientation. Experimental study 

The Weak Equivalence Principle of general relativity (WEP) requires that all test masses to be equally accelerated in the gravitational field. Many tests investigating possible violations of WEP have been performed but no violations have been detected. Nevertheless, the study continues persistently because a confirmed violation of WEP could provide a clue to solving the mystery of dark matter.

Our experiment shows that even one magnet can have different free-fall accelerations. The result is a discovery of the inexplicable behavior of atoms in the gravitational field. This paves a way for developing a more complete theory of gravity and dark matter.

Computer simulation of text understanding:

Understanding of word arithmetic problems with extraneous information was chosen for computer simulation because only basic skills are needed for such understanding. In order to determine whether the computer understands those problems, it must solve them. The solution correctness serves the estimation of the understanding.

     The goal was achieved; the routine ROBUST successfully solves entangled text problems and detects redundant information. This lets to observe all actions which are needed to understand the problem text.

Consensus method in data processing: 

I developed a method for erroneous data detection. The method was implemented in a computer program Consensus5. This routine can be applied in the variety of fields, e.g. for processing of experimental data in physics, chemistry, and biology; for the treatment of expert estimations, for detection of defective devices and so on. The method also provides felicitous graphical presentation. The linked paper contains examples of applications.

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