I'd like to welcome you to my personal web page where you can view a selection 

of my  artworks including video arts, music and installations and get familiar with 

my concepts, you can also view my biography.

Contact me if you need more information or if you want to see more works.

Being interested and working in visual art and music during last 15 years, my work is based on the 
relationship between sound, visual works and space: working with space and sound and installation 
as the mediums of expression by the new medias. In acousmatic music and electroacoustic music, 
the presence of space in recording as well as in the creation is an important part of the whole music. 
That’s why in my sound installations, sound is often is an electroacoustic sound accompanied with a 
visual aspect. The technics and the ability of digital art (for me one of the most interesting: video art, 
interactive installation) gives another possibility of working on interdisciplinary connections between 
the visual aspect and sound.

   Untitled, installation with
Steel wool (detail)
                                                Connected dimentions,kinetic installation(Global view)

  • Trilogie Nargin Island, 2012  (3 photography)ensemble: 20X82 cm, Caspian sea.


- Assembly 2007,installation view of installation at ENSAD (Detail)