Lab Members


Dr. Rakesh Patidar, Post-doctoral fellow
PhD: Barkatullah University, India
MSc: Barkatullah University, India
Rakesh is studying molecular mechanisms of triclosan-antibiotic cross-resistance in A. baumannii.

Manu Singh, PhD Student
MSc: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany
BSc: HNB Gharwal University, India
Manu is investigating how different components of RND efflux complex interact with each other in P. aeruginosa.

Malaka deSilva
, PhD Student
MSc: University of East Anglia, England
BSc: Bangalore University, India
Malaka is studying the impact of environment on antibiotic resistance and virulence in A. baumannii.
Mark Unger
, MSc Student
BSc: University of Manitoba
Mark is studying the role of transcriptional regulator AdeN in the virulence of A. baumannii.

Vanessa Kornelsen
, MSc Student 
BSc: University of Manitoba 
Vanessa is studying mechanisms of virulence in A. baumannii.

Oreofe Okunnu, NSERC USRA
BSc: University of Manitoba (in progress)
Oreofe is characterizing RND pumps in Acinetobacter baumannii.

Kaleigh Ducas-Mowchun
BSc: University of Manitoba (in progress)
Kaleigh is creating tools for genetic manipulation in Acinetobacter sp.

Dr. Yanelis Acebo-Guerrero, Technician
PhD: Free University of Brussels (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
MSc: University of Havana

Ruidong Mi,
MSc Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst, Soil Science)
BSc: University of Manitoba
Ruidong is studying the microbiological quality of water in Manitoba First Nation Communities.

Raelene Engelberg
, NSERC USRA (co-supervised with Dr. Georg Hausner)
BSc: University of Manitoba (in progress)
Raelene is mining fungal metabolites for their antibacterial properties.

A parody YouTube video created by the lab members


Dinesh Fernando, PhD (2015)
Yasser Alsaadi, MSc (2014)
Sarah Warren, MSc (2013)
Andrei Bazyleu, MSc (2013)
Sujani Ganeshanantham, MSc (2011)
Jenny Cortez-Cardova, MSc (2010)
Sehar Nurpuri, Honors Thesis Student (co-supervised with Dr. Georg Hausner)
Shirley Wang, Honors Thesis Student
Shaheer Shahat, U Manitoba VPRI Summer Award (co-supervised with Dr. Georg Hausner)
Alexa McAdam, Honors Thesis Student
Taylor Morriseau, Undergraduate Researcher (Co-Op program)
Shane Cameron, NSERC Undergraduate Researcher
Swastik Sen, Undergraduate Researcher (Mitacs Globalink intern)
Austein McLoughlin, Honors Thesis Student (co-supervised with Dr. Deborah Court)
Monica Mai, Undergraduate Researcher (co-supervised with Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst)
Jasmine Frost, Honors Thesis Student
Jenna Poole, Undergraduate Researcher
Vincent Law, Faculty of Science Undergraduate Researcher
Sohini Bagchi, Undergraduate Researcher (Mitacs Globalink intern)
Alexander Tsibulski, Undergraduate Researcher (Co-Op program)
Leah Brown, NSERC Undergraduate Researcher
Blake Harris, Undergraduate Researcher
Jasleen Hora, Honors Thesis Student
Aajab Abdulhusein, Undergraduate Researcher
Massimo Narini, Undergraduate Researcher
Jade Greenly, NSERC Undergraduate Researcher
Hira Sohail, Honors Thesis Student
Ian Ngaira, Honors Thesis Student
Tremayne Peart, Undergraduate Researcher (UOIT Summer Research Award recipient, 2010)
Elliot Byrne, Undergraduate Researcher
Sean Chin, Undergraduate Researcher
Courtney Dalton, Undergraduate Researcher (UOIT Summer Research Award recipient, 2009)
Melissa Schultz, Honors Thesis Student
Dr. Alireza Samarbaf, Visiting Scientist
Bukola Fakayode, Visiting Scientist
Ravitej Goteti, Undergraduate Researcher (UOIT Summer Research Award recipient, 2008)
Reza Jafari, Undergraduate Researcher
Elizabeth Racz, Honors Thesis Student
Kari Kumar, Research Associate