ABS Members


  • President: Matt Galletta
  • Vice President: Kate Taylor
  • Secretary: Nina Guillemette
  • Treasurer: Matt Dwyer
  • Imm. Past President: Sarah Firth
  • Antique Bears: Dick Watson
  • Athletic Director: Brant Remington


  • Concessions ~ Melissa Emmerson
  • Courtyard Expansion - Ronn Gifford
  • Banner Sales ~
  • Basketball Tournament ~
  • Performance Fundraiser ~
  • Merchandising ~
  • Website ~ Kate Taylor


  • Alpine- Victoria Scott
  • Baseball- Amanda Hreben
  • Boys Basketball- Sarah McClure
  • Girls Basketball- Matt Dwyer
  • Cross country- Michelle Delisle & Becca Reynolds
  • Field Hockey-Ann Goucher & Andrea McPhee
  • Football - Kathleen Dupont
  • GAPP- Chris Tamborini & Kate Taylor
  • Golf- Patty Howe
  • Boys Hockey-Karin Thornton
  • Boys Lacrosse- Taylor Lindholm
  • Girls Lacrosse- Julie Schmidt
  • Math Team-Selene Frohmberg
  • Nordic- Lacy Badeau
  • Boys Soccer- Flo Clausen
  • Girls Soccer- Jennifer Michaud
  • Softball-Brent Bonenfant
  • Speech/Debate-
  • Boys tennis- Matt Galletta
  • Girls Tennis-Michelle Lucas
  • Theater/Musical- Rachel Jones/Matthew Jones
  • Track- Lisa Clark

The Awesome Bear Society has created a system to include all co-curricular activity participants (students, leaders, coaches and parents). The main objective is to have ABS facilitate major fundraising events so money is available to the sports/activities as needed and for capital improvements.

The “ABS Parent Co-Curricular Activity Rep” (ABS Rep.) is the liaison between the co-curricular sport/activity group and ABS. The ABS Rep. is responsible for staying informed about ABS events and projects and communicating that information to the parents on their sport/activity. The ABS Rep. must fulfill the responsibilities listed below to be eligible for ABS funds.